Revolutionized plastic ware with PET Blow Molding Machine

Revolutionized plastic ware with PET Blow Molding Machine

Are you having trouble in container manufacturing? Do you want to get appropriate machines for your product manufacturing?  

The use of plastic containers has increased a lot. Plastic bottles are the most used items by people. From containing water, juices, and other liquid substances PET bottles are required. PET blow molding machine is the solution to the container manufacturing problems.    

What is a PET blow molding machine?

PET refers to polyethylene terephthalate. It is a non-porous thermosetting plastic. PET is used for making containers because it is watertight, lightweight, recyclable, and safe. It is a popular choice for manufacturing bottles.

Blow molding is the process of making hollow plastic components. It has three methods: injection, extrusion, and stretch blow molding. The method used for blow molding depends upon the molding machine.

The PET Blowing Machine uses high-pressure food-grade compressed air to form the bottles. At first, the pre-molded PET preform is heated up and positioned into the mold. Then compressed air is injected into the pre-form. The injection of the air expands to form the shape of the mold. The bottle is removed from the mold after it gets cooled down.

The process of making a bottle with a PET bottle-making machine is suitable for bottles up to 1litre capacity. However, Dunamis Machines provide PET Jar blow molding machine for making bottles more than 1liters capacity.     

Advantages of using PET blow molding machine

Blow molding machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It allows companies to meet their customers’ plastic ware needs by using them widely. It has made the plastic production method quick and with high volume outputs.

PET blow molding machines produce variable products. From one machine different bottles can be made using different mold sizes. It also offers the benefits of automation. Its versatility of making customizable products attracts food suppliers, medical companies, and more.

The product offered by Dunamis Machines300

Dunamis provides a diverse range of PET Blow Molding Machines. It has semi-automatic, automatic, fully automatic, and an online molding machine. It has a specific range of PET Jar molding machines for manufacturing bottles more than 1liters of capacity. Its products are discussed below:

  1. Semi-Automatic PET Blow molding Machine:(DM-BKHSE2) this is a high-speed semi-automatic machine with a production capacity of 2200 bottles per hour. Its pre-form quantity varies from 300ml to 2000ml. The size of the mold is 120mm*125mm. it is mainly used for making water, juice, and soda bottles.
  1. Automatic PET Blow molding Machine: there are two models available in the automatic machine. (DM-BKAE2) its production capacity is 2400 bottles per hour with a blowing capacity of 2000ml. (DM-BKAE3) Its production capacity is 3300 bottles per hour. Its blowing capacity is up to 1000ml with a mold size of 120mm*310mm
  1. Fully Automatic PET Blow molding Machine: there are three models in this range. DM-BKFAE2: its production capacity is 2700 bottles per hour with a blowing capacity of 2000ml. DM-BKFAE3: its production capacity is 3600 bottles per hour and its blowing capacity is 1000ml. The production capacity of DM-BKFAE2X2 is 4400 bottles per hour and the blowing capacity is up to 2000ml with mold size of 120mm*125mm.
  1. Online PET Blow molding Machine: DM-BKFAE3L is a fully automatic machine operated through an air conveyor. The production capacity is 3600bottles per hour and the blowing capacity is up to 1000ml.
  1. PET Jar Blow molding Machine:there are two models in this range. DM-JRSE1: it is a semi-auto blowing machine specifically making jars with 20liters capacity. Its production capacity is 120 jars per hour.  DM-JRA2: it is an automatic wide mouth jar blowing machine. It has a production capacity of 1800 bottles per hour and 120 jars per hour. The volume capacity is 1000ml. it mainly blows wide-mouth jars, water, juice, soda, pharma, edible oil, and liquor bottles.

Comparison with other brands  

Expenses are a big factor in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is a large-scale company or an industrial venture, the cost of machines is considered while investing in the industrial sector. Dunamis provides an assorted range of PET blowing machines with comparatively less price in the market.

A semi-automatic pet blow molding machine will cost around 8.5 lakhs but the Dunamis’s machine costs 6.75 lakhs. Again, a fully automatic blowing machine from another brand comes for 13 lakhs whereas, the Dunamis machine is 11.75 lakhs. The PET jar blow molding machine costs 11 lakhs from other suppliers. However, Dunamis has the machines for 9.75 lakhs.

The same goes for all the other products. It has different models of PET blow molding machines for different price ranges. Manufacturers can opt for any machines according to their need of production and budget on investment.       

Why choose Dunamis?

Dunamis has multiple products for its clients. It provides its products for low investment. In addition to this, the products are compact structures and have a low maintenance cost. The machines are made in such a way that it gives high productivity. For ensuring the high accuracy and long life of the machines, IP67 Grade sensors are used.

Also, they are low in power consumption. An advanced infrared preheating system is used in their PET blow molding machines. This system saves up to 30% of power consumption. There is an incremental heater setting of 1% to 199% for accurate pre-form heat setting

Their blowing toggle system makes the mold changing process easy and in lesser time. It takes up to 10 minutes maximum to change the mold in the machines. The machines can store up to 20 mold parameters. This helps in reducing the mold changing time.

The machines have a product display with an advanced PLC-based system. It has a 7” multi-color HMI unit. This is used for an easy man-machine interfacing facility. All the parameters are displayed graphically in the multi-color touch screen display for higher machine performance.

You can check out products at their official website and get a quotation for your requirements. You can order their machines online from their website 

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