Get Pure and Safe Water in Every Drop

Get Pure and Safe Water in Every Drop

Are you into packaged drinking water business? Are you confused about selecting the right machinery?

Clean drinking water is becoming a major issue in India. Hence, the packaged mineral water industry is growing like never before.  The unavailability of clean drinking water in public places has increased the demand for packaged water bottles.

Also, people spend most of their time outside their homes. Mineral water bottles are easy to carry and available everywhere at an affordable price. Hence, they are preferred by customers.   

To meet the needs and requirements of the customers, the Automatic Mineral Water Filling Machine helps the industry with efficiency and maximum production speed. The innovative design of the machine results in ultimate energy saving. Dunamis provides high-speed automatic water filling machines at an affordable price.

Working of an Automatic Mineral Water Filling Machine

It is one compact machine where the PET bottles are rinsed, filled, capped, and labeled in a one-direction process. With Dunamis’s water filling machine whole process is done systematically.

At first, the bottles are fed into the machine through an air conveyor.  The bottles are then rinsed with clean water and are cleared away. The empty bottles then go to the filling section. Here, clean and safe mineral water is filled into the bottle.

Once the filling process is done, the bottles are capped through an automatic chain conveyor. Then the bottles are passed through the electric heat shrink tunnel where they are labeled. Bottles up to 2liters capacity can be filled in the machine.

Advantages Automatic Mineral Water Filling Machine

The advantages that come from an automatic water filling machine in the packaged industry are:

  • Consistency:It forges the water filling process effortlessly despite the size and type of the bottle. The water filling cycle is completed efficiently.
  • Versatility:With Dunamis Machinery you can get the right water filling machine based on your need. It has machines for you at your budget.
  • Speed: The automatic prerequisite helps in filling large batches of bottles in less time making the whole process quick.
  • Easy operation: Automatic machine carries the bottle filling operation easily in comparison to the other water filling machine. The display program in the machine helps in managing the process efficiently.  
  • Ability to upgrade: In automatic machines, the capacity can be enhanced if assembled properly.

Variety we provide

Dunamis Machines offer a complete range of fully automatic mineral water filling machines. it has three products with different features.

  • DM-WA60E RFC: Its filling capacity is from 150ml to 2000ml. The production capacity is 60 bottles per minute. For 1000ml the filling capacity is 3600 to 4200 bottles per hour.
  • DM-WA90E RFC: Its filling capacity is from 150ml to 2000ml. The production capacity is 90 bottles per minute. For 1000ml the filling capacity is 5400 to 6000 bottles per hour.
  • DM-WA120E RFC: Its filling capacity is from 150ml to 2000ml. The production capacity is 120 bottles per minute. For 1000ml the filling capacity is 7200 to 7800 bottles per hour.

Machine features:

Types of operation in all three machine includes rinsing, filling, capping, and labeling.  It has an auto water level cutoff system for filling accuracy. It enables no water wastage. Also, it has an automatic float system for maintaining the water tank level.

Double side UV treated poly carbonated sheets are used in the machine. this maintains the hygiene inside the machine. Also, it gives good strength to the doors and keeps them long-lasting.

The bearings and gears of the machine are noiseless. The surface of the machine is highly polished SS304 maintaining cleanliness. IP67 grade sensor is used for higher accuracy and speed.

It has a programmable-based advanced automatic control panel.  A 10” multi-color HMI unit for a PLC-based system is used. It makes the machine easy to man-machine interface and gives high machine performance. The multicolor production display is a touch screen and graphically displays all the input and output parameters.  

The machine has an automatic inspection facility in it. filled bottles are inspected through an inspection lamp that detects any impurities in the bottles if any. There are three inlets in the machine for the water, air, and electrical power line.

Comparison with other brands

There are different automatic water filling machine manufacturers in India. They provide machines of different capacities at different prices. Dunamis machinery provides high-speed automatic mineral water filling machines at affordable prices.

The DM-WA60E RFC by Dunamis costs 10.95 lakhs per set with a production capacity of 3600 to 4200 bottles per hour. However, at this pricing range, other brand offers machines with only 1500 to 2000 bottles per hour capacity. Automatic machines by other brands with production capacity that of DM-WA60E RFC will cost around 14.5 lakhs.

There is no other automatic machine out there in the packaged industry that can compare with Dunamis’s DM-WA120E RFC. No other automatic machine has a production capacity of 120 bottles per minute. This machine costs 19.95 lakhs per set.

Dunamis’s DM-WA90E RFC costs 15.45 lakhs per set. Automatic machine with the same production capacity offered by different brands comes for a price of 20 lakhs per set.      

Why choose Dunamis?

The automatic mineral water filling machine by Dunamis Machines has a simple and innovative design. It is engineered for giving maximum efficiency and production speed. It gives high productivity with low power consumption to its customers.

The machines are designed for maintaining the clean, safe and hygienic water bottle filling process. All the machines are easy to operate and easy to maintain and have a low maintenance cost.

Dunamis itself has a production capacity of 10 automatic water filling machines per month. Its product comes in a different price range. You can get your machine according to your budget and production requirements.  

It also delivers your machine to your provided address in 45 to 60 days. Dunamis’s spare parts are also available all the time. It gives you cost-effective production at a very high speed.

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