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DM-LNFAE3L Online PET Blowing Machine


Machine CategoryFully Automatic
Machine ModelDM-LNFA6L
No of Cavities6 Cavity
Production Capacity (Bottles/Hour)7800BPH for 300ml
(Depending on Moulds and pre-form Quality)7500BPH for 500ml
 7200BPH for 1000ml
 4000BPH for 2000ml
Blowing Capacity100ml – 2000ml
Bottle OutletThrough Air Conveyor
Size of the Mould (Width x Thickness)140mm x 750mm
Types of Bottles BlowingWater, Juice & Soda
Types of PreformAlaska & PCO
Max. Neck Diameter28mm
Max. Diameter of Bottle105mm
Max. Height of the Bottle340mm
Pre-heating SystemNear Infrared
No of Heaters32 Nos
Heater Capacity2000 Watts, 220V AC
Machine Connected Power20KW, 3 Phase
Machine with accessories Connected Power80KW, 3 Phase
Total Power Consumption (Include accessories)56KWH (Units)
Blowing Pressure20Bar
Working Pressure6Bar
Air Consumption145CFM
Compressor Capacity (High Pressure)63HP/25Bar/164CFM
Air Dryer Capacity200CFM/25Bar
Water Chiller Capacity7.5Ton@10 C
Cooling Tower40 TR


Our machine has simple innovative design and ultimate energy saving. It is engineered for efficiency and maximum production speed.

  • Advanced Infrared Preheating System for Upto 30% Power Saving.
  • Rapid High-Pressure Valves used for Blowing Functions.
  • Incremental Heater Settings by 1% to 199% for Accurate Pre-form Heat Setting.
  • Air & Water Lines are Push & Pull System for Easy Maintenance.
  • Air Recovery System is to recover & reuse the blowing air.
  • After Blowing orientated ready bottle online air conveyor for feeding filling machine automatically.
  • No Manpower needed for Preform Feeding.
  • Long Life PU Seal Cylinders and Higher Accuracy Valves used for Low Pressure Control System.
  • IP67 Grade Sensors used for Higher Accuracy & Long Life.
  • Advanced PLC Based System with 10” Multi colour HMI Unit used for Easy Man Machine Interfacing and Higher Machine Performance.
  • Multiple Products Like Mineral Water Bottles, Carbonated Soft Drinks Bottles, Hot Fill Juice Bottles at Low Investment.
  • Machine Can Store 50 Mould Recipe Parameters so it helps to reduce Mould Changing Time.
  • High Productivity with Low Power Consumption.
  • Easy operation & Easy maintenance.
  • Production Display with Man Machine Interfacing Facility. The multi colour touch screen display is used to graphically view all the parameters.
  • Compact Structure and low maintenance cost.


Components Brand Name Country Origin
Electrical System Schneider Electric France
Pneumatic Systems Festo Germany
Motors & Gear Boxes Transtech Taiwan
Sensors P & F Apex Germany Japan
Bearings NTN Japan
Linear Bearings HIWIN Taiwan
Cables Lapp Cables Germany
Temperature Controller Autonix Korea
Linear Bearings Hiwin Taiwan

Overall this machine is designed for safe, hygienic, high quality PET bottles with Cost effective production at very high speed.


Approx. Price: Rs  Lakhs/ Piece.

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