Frequently Asked Questions

Actually the size and shape of the bottles does not matter when comparing to the cap shapes and cap sizes. Our machines are designed to manage variety of cap sizes ad cap models.

You can select the capping machine according to the caps and closures. We have many types of bottle making, bottle rising, filling and capping machines with us.

We have variety of machines, but in general all our machines are capable of making 3000-3600 bottles per hour.

We use environmental friendly, high quality products. We care for our nature and hence we manufacture only bio degradable bottles.

Yes, we have many varieties of machines according to your need. We can also provide customization according to your need.

You can contact Dunamis Machines through our mobile number, mail address or also you can visit our organization. To get an instant reply from our staff members, drop your query on contact us page form.

Yes, our machines use innovative technology to maximize returns from your machines by giving higher output

  • Book Type mould closing Technology which requires less power to open and close the moulds and further by reducing the cycle time of mould closing and opening, more number of bottles are produced in lesser time.

  • Introduced Air recovery system. Low pressure compressor is not needed and less capacity high pressure compressor is enough so electricity consumption is reduced.

We give service all over India. Three different type of Service support (1) Through Mobile (2) Video Conferencing Service (3) Physical in – person support through our mobile service team who are stationed at important cities across India, through whom we do timely service for our machines.

Yes, but you should visit their factories, see the products used in the construction of machines and the performance of their machines and ours, then decide which machine you should select.

Our Company started in the year 1999. We are in this industry for the last 8 and half years

Yes, our sales and service networks are available throughout India

Run successfully with the employee strength of 100 +

  • Yes, by changing the mould cavity alone we can change the bottle shape profile and bottle volume in the same machine.
  • With the help of recipe settings, you can run the machine instantly after changing the mould settings.
  • Up to 20 recipe settings can be stored in inbuilt memory, if you want to extend it by means of memory card.
  • Apart from that you can set the variety of pre-programing which is user friendly by multi coloured iconic variable control HMI you can control the entire machine in single point.

Yes, in our machine you can blow variety of bottles from 200ml to 2000ml by simply changing the mould cavity alone.

  • When comparing to the other machines in our machine you can easily change the mould by removing few fasteners.
  • You can change the mould within minutes without any assistance.
  • Our Machines have almost double the output of normal machines and at a very low blowing cost of only 7 paisa per bottle. Our machines work at higher speed and so the materials used are the best in the industry to give you better performance and which will help you keep your maintance cost very low.
  • High performance machines which produces bottles with flawless finish
  • Elegant look with highly quality engineering standards
  • Achieve Zero waste in productivity
  • Combined blowing and heating unit reduces size of the machine
  • Cost cutting per bottle blow by our energy saving technology.

You can use all variety of PET & LDPE

Yes, it is possible our machine can be easily operate by anybody doesn’t require any training because user friendly, we conduct advanced operational training to have better productivity at your factory premises during installation and commissioning of the machine.

  • Chiller (8-14 degrees Celsius)
  • Cooling tower that supplies 25-30 degree coolant water
  • Compressor (machine operation 0.9 Mpa, blow maximum 3.4 Mpa)
  • Dryer (depends on molding room environment)

Stabilizer (Optional)


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