Amazing Business Ideas; Start your own PET bottle manufacturing company today

Amazing Business Ideas; Start your own PET bottle manufacturing company today

Profit of PET Creation:

A bottle creation is one of the rewarding business as its need and its benefits are unimaginable. The Bottle creation not limited to a specific industry it is almost used by many different industries all over the world. In India, the total production of PET bottles are 2700 kilotons, where 80% of the PET are recycled and the resultants are used in many garments industry and many brands of footwears.

The PET bottles profit you in many ways as it can be recycled and they can make different products from the Post-consumer PET. You can earn revenue with the new PET raw materials as well as from the recycled PET flakes which you can sell to different manufactures or you can make new PET bottles out of it.  

Most of the companies aiming to make all its products from recycled PET resins by 2024. Hence this PET bottle making business going to be lucrative. You can confidently step into the PET manufacturing business by considering following factors that take into the account before initiating this profitable business.

Important Factors to consider before starting any manufacturing business:

Once you addressed all of these factors, plan accordingly to enjoy your new means of income that going to provide constant profit and more than what you expected.

First and foremost, thing is to choose plastic niche. Understand the needs of the customer and decide what kind of plastic you want to produce? Such as Toys, Automotive, Soft drinks, decorations, food packaging, etc.

Tangible business plan includes, deciding physical set up and registering your business according to legal laws. Whereas Pilot testing is also major part that helps you understand the routine work, business strength and weakness, and machine functions.

Estimate the production cost, setup cost, material and distribution cost to evaluate your Return on Investment.

Research which is the best machine to implement your process so that it might reduce your time and give the expected results and know how to maintain the equipment for long lasting performance.

Manufacturers should know the different methods involved in Plastic manufacturing:

Plastic Injection Blow Molding

Rotational molding

Injection molding

Extrusion molding

Vacuum casting


Compression Molding

Whereas, PET bottle manufacturing requires two methods Injection molding and Stretch blow molding, both of this method is integrated in a single machine named two-stage PET blow molding machine or stretch injection blow molding machine. This is the popular technique used in all PET Bottle Making Machines.

Type of PET Products:

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are the plastics which are more important for everyday life. It is a thermo plastic polymer belongs to a polyester family. This polymer is widely used in packaging, fabrics, automotive, electronics etc.

We can produce different products from PET Plastics:

  1. Fibers for carpet
  2. Jackets
  3. Comforter fill
  4. Tote bags
  5. Containers for food, beverages, water and other non-food items.
  6. Film and sheet
  7. Strapping


Market Value of PET bottle:

Owing to the various advantages of PET bottles, it gaining attraction globally. This mass reach of PET bottle production is because of the beverage industry where the PET bottles contribute more in terms of packaging like water, juices, flavored water, functional water, carbonated drinks etc. are boosting the growth of PET bottles market. According to the recent global insights, functional and flavored water market are in peak it is expecting to reach USD 70.32 by 2025 which eventually increases the demand for PET bottles.

Another major factors that foster the PET bottle production is Global warming. In order to safeguard our planet some companies taking initiatives to use Bio degradable or Recyclable plastics for packaging.

The food & beverage industry hold the highest market share global PET Water Bottles Production. The global PET was reached 505.0 billion units in 2017, and anticipated to register a CAGR of 3.87% and in forecast period of 2018-2025, it is expected to reach around 697.72 billion unite by 2025.

The international Trade administration taken a recent survey, which specifies that the PET bottle production increasing 7% to 10% each year in China. This rapid growth of PET Bottles is because of its usage in packaging of mouthwash, moisturizers, lotions and other personal care products.

The global PET Bottle market reached total of 13.1 million Tons in 2020. Some Specific group expecting it to reach 15.2 millions by 2026.

Cost Specification of Different PET Bottle Making Machines:

You can choose any of the PET bottle making machines as per your budget.

  1. Manual Machine Price starts from 1.5lakhs to 6 lakhs per unit
  2. Semi-automatic costs from Rs.8 lakh to 15 lakh per unit.
  3. Fully-automatic Costs Rs.18 lakh and goes high above 45 lakh.


Plastic Market Trends:

Suppliers aims at low-to-no waste and use of recycled materials by introducing eco-friendly plastic resins and additives in manufacturing.

The High Environmental impacts of using virgin plastics or resins make manufactures reconsider their selection of raw materials.

They considered Bio-resins as a great alternative as its is extracted from vegetable, plants or from other recyclable resources.

Use of Fiber-reinforced plastics like glass, carbon, aramid or basalt in automotive industry as a substitute for metals.

As light weighting remains a focus on automotive industry, the use of plastic slowly emerged. Now, the injection molded tools, equipment and devices are preferable to manage increasing mobility of healthcare, costs and outcome.

Automation Industry is need of plastics industry more than other due to the innovation of robotic technologies and machine control of Industry 4.0.

Injection Molding plays a major in plastic trends by increasing reliability, consistency and speed.

Manufacturers should Understand the plastic trends to capitalize from it.

Geographical Research – Insights of PET market

As per the research, Asian Pacific area represents the largest market of PET bottles compare to the other part of the world. This due to the inflation in that particular geographical area and also due to rise in demand for packed food and beverages. Other major regions include, North America, Latin America, Europe, middle east and Africa.

Some Leading PET Market players,

  • Amcor Limited
  • Cospack America Corporation
  • BERICAP GmbH & Co. KG
  • Rexam, Inc.
  • Berry Global, Inc
  • Graham Packaging Company Inc.

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