What makes manufactures to choose Two-stage Blow Molding Machine?

What makes manufactures to choose Two-stage Blow Molding Machine?

The Bottles made from Polyethylene terephthalate are known as PET bottles, which can be recycle and used to manufacture new bottles and containers. PET is recognized as a very cleanest and greenest kind of plastic that why it is being a priority in industrial and consumer market.

How the PET Blow molding machine begins its work?

Normally, blow molding means joining the two hollow plastic parts and used in both plastic and glass bottle manufacturing. We can change the shape of the plastics by blowing the air into the machine. Manufacturing of PET bottles involves injection molding, stretching and blowing.

This PET Blow molding machine uses Single-stage process or Two-Stage process. The ability to choose the right process will benefit you in the way by increasing productivity, reducing cost and minimize the production steps.

Why PET Blow molding machine is better than Injection molding?

Though both are being the most popular technique in manufacturing high-quality and cost-effective plastic Bottles, Blow molding cost is comparatively lower than injection molding and this is the best method if you want to produce large number of bottles as it manufactures high volume single piece hollow objects.

With this PET blow molding machines don’t need mold halves unlike injection molding machine. Hence you can create different shapes which you can’t do with Injection Molding.

Get the better of Blow Molding types:

Extrusion blow molding process is impossible to produce PET Products as the PET has low melt viscosities. And if your product requires rigid wall, then the injection method is the best choice. But with the blow molding you can make any complex structure as it melts the plastics and form parison which is then placed inside the mold and it blew the air towards the parison to make it fit to the shape of the mold.

New Form of Blow Molding machines especially introduced to manufacture eco-friendly PET bottles.

In beverage industries, there is a constant increase in plastic material costs, so they are always looking for a new way to cut off the packaging cost. Thus, the advanced bottle molding equipment requires overcoming this major problem by producing lightweight bottles.

So,the injection stretch blow molding has introduced by combining both injection molding and blow molding. We can execute it in single-stage process or two-stage process.

As PET requires both injection and blowing, this recent version of PET Blow molding machines it has both injection machine and blowing machine.

A step wise summary of integrated two-stage machines:

In this two-stage, injection molding is a first step which is called preform. This injection molding has two parts injection and ejector mode.

Then, inject the molten plastics to the cavity under pressure

Once the cavity is filled, they release the molten to the storage bin.

After this, it will reheat the molten plastics and then transferred to the blowing mold.

Once it’s blown and got the shape, they excluded it from the blowing mode

Then get cooled inside the mold and keep its shape.

This Overall process involves dehumidifying and drying of PET materials, injection of molten raw materials, cooling of molten PET at room temperature, reheating and finally blowing of air into the bottles using metal blow molds.

This is also known as Cool Preform Method.

What is so fascinating about this integrated two-stage blow molding machines?

Using this two-stage PET Bottle-Making Machine you can produce 1000 to 72,000 bottles per hour.

Preform can be performed elsewhere. i.e., before passing the preform to second machine you can give to third-party.

Flexible and Fast changeovers.

Process can pause and start.

Lucrative Two-stage machines:

Nowadays, 80% of bottles are manufactured to store beverages and these bottles are manufactured using two-stage technology whereas remaining 20% production can either use any of other technology.

 Booming injection stretch Blow molding for PET manufacturers:

This two-stage injection stretch of blow molding methods is mainly used to produce hollow plastic bottles, hollow plastic cavities, plastic items and plastic products.

In this, the stretching forms void between stretched polymers and unstretched pigments. Normally this void effect is to achieve the “Frost effect” in PET bottles. This effect creates an illusion that the appearance of the bottle is like the one taken out of the fridge.

To reduce the raw material cost of PET bottles, the injection stretches molding methods reduce the thickness of the wall to minimize the use of PET raw material. It is the best process to manufacture thin-walled containers.

This is established for large-scale production of PET bottles.

PET Blow Molding Machine Market Value:

As PET Bottles are highly durable and reusable, thus, the global need of PET has been increased, which gives rise to the usage of PET injection stretch blow molding machines. According to the global survey, PET Blow Molding Machine Market expected to gain growth in the period of 2021-2025 with CAGR percentage of 0.4% and the USD value for PET blow Molding Machine is USD2172.8 million, where expected to rise around USD2206.3 million by 2025.

This PET Machine market report provides in-depth analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size, segmentation market growth, affects of global and domestic users.

The Top most key manufacturers of Blow Molding Machine:

SIDEL, Nissei, ASB, Machine, Sipa, Krones, SMF, KHS, ZQ, Machinery, Urola, AOKI, Chumpower, Eceng, Machine, Guangzhou, Tech-Long, Packaging, Machinery, Parker, Powerjet, Leshan, CHIA, MING, MACHINERY.

 Major Applications of PET Water Bottle-Making Machine:

This report is to focus on consumers/manufactures using PET raw materials and to know where the PET benefits more and how it is useful than other substance.

Extensive area of PET usage:

  • Water Packaging
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Edible oil
  • Carbonated Soda drinks
  • Liquor
  • Fruits and nectar and others.


It is also used to make Straps, sheets, master batch, and monofilament.

      Geographical PET Blow molding Machine Usage Analysis Report:

North America, U.S., Canada, Europe, Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Russia, Asia-Pacific, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Middle East and Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.

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