What is BOPP?

What is BOPP?

We make use of BOPP for every one of our custom tags. But what is BOPP exactly?

Packaging market experts would address the concern with a technological term: biaxially oriented polypropylene. That’s an elegant name for a type of plastic. “Biaxially oriented BOPP” means makers stretch the plastic film in two instructions throughout its manufacturing. They do this to boost its toughness, adaptability, and also clarity.

Basically, BOPP is the kick-ass material we make use of to make the very best labels as well as sticker labels. Here’s why we and also various other on internet printing services enjoy it.

Talk with me like an engineer, what exactly is BOPP?

BOPP (Biaxially Focused Polypropylene) is a polycarbonate polymer that has lots of comparable residential properties to family pet (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It is frequently made use of in sticker and also label printing, food packaging, container caps, as well as other applications.

When was it designed?

BOPP is a type of plastic that was first readily made in the very early 1960s by business like Brückner-Maschinenbau. It ended up being preferred for its affordable, opacity, and also capacity to hold up against rough exterior conditions. Today, BOPP is just one of one of the most frequently utilized plastics on the planet; by some accounts, it’s the second most popular plastic in the world!

Why is BOPP a terrific product for sticker labels & labels?

Stickers as well as tags need to be simple to publish on, resistant to water and chemicals, and also either clear or nontransparent, depending on your requirements. BOPP tag product ticks every one of these boxes and also more.

BOPP is excellent for printing

Printing with both water- and also solvent-based inks is possible on BOPP tags. Suppliers of BOPP movie treat its surface utilizing numerous approaches– like corona treatment– to boost its adhesiveness and printability.

The corona therapy is a procedure of using a thin layer of steel oxide to the surface of the BOPP label. The steel oxide layer is included by applying a liquid or gas on the surface of the tag. The fluid or gas is then vaporized to form an oxide film externally of the label.

The corona treatment is not only applied externally of BOPP tags, yet also to various other tags also, such as those used in food packaging as well as automotive parts packaging, due to the simplicity of printing and also longevity it provides.

Water, chemical, as well as UV resistance

The hard BOPP is “the Hulk” of plastic movies. Practically indestructible, it withstands oil as well as water, making it ideal for identifying items used in the kitchen or in the shower room.

Thanks to its resistance to the majority of chemicals– solvents, bleaches, as well as disinfectants– BOPP is likewise suitable for drug as well as cosmetic labels.

BOPP film is a superb option for any kind of indoor or outdoor usage. While it’s water resistant, it does not have to be sealed against moisture, which means it can be utilized in kitchens, washrooms, and classrooms. It can likewise withstand extreme UV light exposure, implying it can be used for printing indications, graphics, as well as extra.

BOPP can be crystal clear or nontransparent

BOPP has excellent quality, so it’s suitable for see-through labels Yet this product is also offered in its nontransparent range. So, whether you desire an entirely clear or brilliantly colored label, we have a type of BOPP tag to meet your demands.

Why BOPP is the only material you need for tags

Functional as well as resilient, BOPP is an exceptional product for labels in the food and non-food packaging fields. It has lots of advantages over other label materials, like paper and also vinyl. BOPP has a lengthy shelf life, which implies it will certainly last longer than other tags. This makes it perfect for use in the food and non-food product packaging markets where life span is very important.

BOPP can be used in any kind of type of container, whether plastic or steel.

BOPP vs. paper tags.

Unlike paper labels, BOPP takes on water, oil, and also chemicals. Plastic is likewise much more resilient as well as stronger than paper. So, a BOPP tag withstands splits and also scratches better than paper does.

Nonetheless, considering that it’s a plastic product, BOPP will typically have a shiny look that some people as well as designers might not such as. If you desire a more “matte” coating, paper tags and also stickers could be much more for you. Just remember these stickers as well as labels will certainly be way less durable, and are not fantastic for lots of practical uses.

BOPP tags vs. vinyl sticker labels

BOPP is thinner (3.4 mil) than the vinyl product (7 mil) we use for customized sticker labels. As well as due to the fact that labels are published on a roll, this makes them excellent for rapid peeling and application. Look into stickers vs. tags for an extra in-depth contrast.

BOPP tags are food-safe as well as eco-friendly

Being food-safe, BOPP is a super star in the food product packaging industry. Virtually any sort of food can utilize a BOPP tag. Coffee and also tea packaging, honey containers, bottle, and all sorts of food containers are simply a few examples.

As an open-cell building and construction product, BOPP has lots of advantages: lightweight, very easy to take care of, cost-effective to generate, as well as does not need any unique product packaging. What’s even more, it’s recyclable and naturally degradable. So not just does it maintain food safe while shielding it from contamination, but it can additionally be easily recycled when no more required.

Slim and also versatile for any kind of container

Adaptable and extremely slim, BOPP labels stick well to any kind of container. That can be a mason jar or a jelly jar, a container for flavors, or a perfumed candle. Add the scratch resistance of BOPP, and the label may last longer than what’s inside the container.

BOPP tags are water as well as oil immune

Any type of label that might come across oil or water needs ahead out undamaged. The water, as well as oil resistance of BOPP label product, make it helpful for applications in the cosmetic market and numerous others – Sticker Burro tags are excellent for cream containers, shampoo containers, and also lip balm tubes, among others.

Why aren’t you using BOPP?

BOPP is a product that requires customized equipment to print on. However the bright side is that Sticker Mule is the simplest means to publish stickers, labels and various other promotional materials for your homemade items or marketing service requires with BOPP.

Whether you need a couple of custom stickers for your Etsy store or a big quantity of personalized stickers for your retailer, Sticker label Mule can help you finish the job quickly and easily. We use the very best products as well as devices so we can transform your style into a high-quality published item.

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