PET bottles are also known as Poly Ethylene Terephthalate bottles. They are highly common in soft drinks storage and are a perfect storage unit for liquid contents. The greatest perk of PET bottles is that they are highly tolerable. They can be kept out in the hot sun for the entire day and might remain intact. Along with the PET bottles are highly durable even in crippling cold climates. Thus, it is highly suitable for any situation.

Unlike regular plastic, a PET bottle will not shrink its size in hot climates nor does it impact the content that is stored within. And because of its durability, it is one of the most commonly used plastic bottles for storing liquid.

It is commonly used in today’s world and is also perfect for multiple usages based on its content and durability. Only basic care is required to maintain the bottle. Some of the steps that can be followed to clean or sanitize a PET bottle or a Poly Ethylene Terephthalate bottle are as follows:

STEP – 1:

Try to first remove all the tags, labels, and wrapping in the bottle before cleaning. This will ensure that no grim is stored in between the wraps. Along with it, loosely hanging labels or tags might not always be presentable and might as well be difficult to clean. Thus, it is recommended to try and remove all the labels and wraps from the bottles before cleaning them.

In most bottles, the labels or the wrapping are attached to the surface of the bottle with the help of an adhesive. This adhesive will make it durable and long-lasting. If not removed properly, there are chances that the glue or the adhesive might remain attached to the bottle in such a way, that it will keep attracting more dirt and dust. This is highly unhygienic.

To avoid such a situation, it recommended being patient with removing the label. The best method to do so is by soaking the bottle in warm water with a bit of diluted soap. This liquid will help in removing the residues of the gum easily from the surface of the bottle.

Along with it, there are also other methods like cutting the edges of the label with the aid of a scissor. In most of the soft drink bottles, the label is stuck upon it with the help of just two drops of glue. In most cases, the glue is not even applied upon the bottle but only on the tags, which are then tightly secured around the body of the bottle.

These types of tags might not require to be soaked and brushed hardly, just a mere cut might help in removing it at ease. Make use of a pair of scissors and cut along the breadth of the tag by sliding the scissor under it. This will remove the tag easily off the bottle without leaving any gum marks. Thus, before making use of a method to remove the tags, kindly ensure to notice the kind of wrapping that is done to the bottle. This will make it easier in process of removing it.

STEP – 2:

The next focus is upon the cap of the bottle. Most of the PET bottles come with a screw-able cap that can be unscrewed easily and dispatched. They might generally be round and can also be removed at ease.

Make sure to unscrew it from the bottle before cleaning it so that a thorough cleaning process can be conducted. Try to soak it in warm soapy water for few minutes. This will make it easier for cleaning and will also help in disinfecting the cap effectively.

STEP – 3:

Gather a large basin or tub with hot soapy water. It must be noticed that the tub is larger than the size of the bottle, as the bottle has to remain completely submerged in it. If the size of the tub is not as lengthy as the bottle, then the process of immersing it might get difficult and might as well lead to difficulty in cleaning.

After completely submerging the bottle in the soap solution, try to keep it as such for at least 10 minutes. This will ensure that all the bacteria present in the bottle will get cleansed thoroughly. It will also ease the process of manual cleaning of the bottle.

Additional care must be given to scratches or breaks in the bottle. Ensure that while cleaning before that, there were no scratches present in it. If there is any presence of scratches or expanding marks, it is advisable to recycle the bottle and not reuse it. Not just are they not fit to store a liquid as it might leak, but with cracks in the bottle, there are high chances that bacteria might remain in it. Cracks are also difficult to be cleaned.

STEP – 4:

After soaking the bottle and the cap sufficiently in the soap water, rinse it with clean water thoroughly. Make sure to fill the bottle till its brim and then shake it off. Perform this multiple times to ensure that there are no residues of soap present in it.

The cleanliness of the bottle can be easily checked. Fill the bottle with clean water and screw the cap to it. Ensure that it is tightly secured. After sealing it, try shaking the bottle vigorously multiple times. Rest it when done. After the water in the bottles gets settled, check if there are any bubbles formation. If there are any, then try rinsing the bottle yet again with clean water for the soap to be cleaned.

STEP – 5:

Once the cleaning process is done, it is necessary to dry it properly. If the bottle is stored with moisture in it, there are high chances of it becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Thus, ensure to dry it properly.

For this, place the bottle upside down in a drying rack. Try to have the rack well ventilated as it will help in air circulation and easy dry. Don’t place them lying on the side as it will only delay the process for there are no escape passages for the liquid to go.

If possible, let the bottle dry for overnight to get completely moist-free. Only then it will be completely sanitized before refilling.

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