Eco Friendly Alternatives – Bio Degradable Plastic Bottles

Eco Friendly Alternatives – Bio Degradable Plastic Bottles

While plastic is recyclable, there were worries approximately the footprint it leaves at the back of on a grander scale. Today, there are an expected portions of plastic floating withinside the ocean and what isn’t always recycled takes over a thousand years to decompose. This makes a great case for increasing water bottle fabric alternatives and searching into options that can be friendlier.


While that is a delicate fabric, glass is uncompromising, maintains liquids tasting great, continues its unique integrity, and remains less warm longer out of the fridge than plastic does. It is likewise infinitely recyclable and continues it’s great on every occasion its miles remade.


While now no longer new, with the aid of using any means, ceramic isn’t always as familiar withinside the marketplace region either, this is an age-old, green fashion of bottle that behaves further to glass with its durability and the capacity to hold less warm longer. However, ceramic packing containers are heavier to hold than glass and may be fragile; however with new trends in technology, they aren’t as unwieldy as earlier as and frequently have wraps that enhance them so that they don’t shatter.

Stainless Steel

Newer chrome steel bottles are coated so there may be no steel flavour withinside the drinks they hold. Stainless metal maintains water and all different liquids bloodless even longer than glass. Metal is a herbal temperature conductor, so if it takes on some thing bloodless, it’s going to hold it bloodless, and if its contents are hot, they may live hot.

Plant Based-Plastics

Some plant-primarily based totally bottles themselves are fit for human consumption in addition to biodegradable. While no person may need to in reality consume them, it’s accurate to recognise they’re safe, don’t impart the identical chemical compounds as different bottles might, and are a new, powerful product at the marketplace.

Packed Paper Water Bottles

This new fashion with liquids to be had in boxes (like wine tetra packs or paper coconut water bottles) has created a completely unique marketplace. The proportion it occupies is small proper now, however as those develop in recognition there can be an increasing number of at the shelves. Because they’re paper, however, they have got a restrained lifespan – however are 100% recyclable.

Reusable bottles

Other than the paper merchandise, all the above packing containers are reusable, plastic included. The maximum least expensive and inexperienced manner to move ingesting water for non-public use is in reusable bottles. Getting ones which are robust and smooth to easy is the maximum least expensive solution.


Both glass and ceramic, even as are extra vulnerable to breakage than plastic, are available designs that defend the real bottle. They are very price efficient, are available heaps of specific designs, and are accurate options to disposable plastic bottles any day. If the consumer is searching out something a touch sturdier, chrome steel is likewise an first rate choice.

The Future of Plastic Bottles

As customers have grown to be extra aware about the proliferation of plastic pollutants in our landfills and oceans, product builders and researchers were difficult at paintings to expand plastic options. Not simplest do those options create durability for the enterprise however in addition they create effective results for the surroundings.

There are many packages for plastic in packaging which are being changed with the aid of using different varieties of substances

Let’s discover not unusual place opportunity merchandise and substances.

Eco-Friendly Plastics

Plant-primarily based totally plastics, or bio plastics, are making headlines for his or her sustainable manufacturing and recycling capacity

Many of those bio plastics are biodegradable and compostable, bringing a robust customer appeal. They are frequently inexpensive to supply and feature a decrease effect at the surroundings in the course of the manufacturing process.


Pouches have countless makes use of and packages, and one of these is to update bottles. Advancements in pouch sturdiness have made it smooth to comprise drinks which could have formerly been contained in plastic bottles.

Production fees also are decrease with pouches in assessment to plastic bottles. There’s additionally price financial savings in shipping, from the huge scale distribution right all the way down to character packages. With e-trade and meals shipping being so popular, the want for lighter, extra bendy substances is evident.

There also are usability blessings on the subject of a pouch (as opposed to a plastic bottle). Pouches can healthy without difficulty in one of a kind dimensions and shapes of spaces. There’s a limitless range of add-ons that may be delivered to pouches, which include zippers and spouts.

Common examples of pouches changing bottles encompass:

  • Water bottles
  • Baby meals
  • Cosmetics
  • Vitamins and pills
  • Sauces
  • Juices, teas, and differentliquids

Replaced Bottle

One ability substitute for plastic bottles is paper. Companies have become innovative with the manner paperboard may be applied in packaging. Advancements in paper merchandise have caused water-resistant answers which are long lasting and multifunctional. Two outstanding examples are paper water bottles, shampoo bottles.

Reusable packing containers have won recognition as well. Metal and glass water bottles have emerged as a green manner to reuse and lessen. This offers agencies a possibility to promote their merchandise in branded bottles that may be reused for different packages or as beverage packing containers, which expands emblem awareness.

Another opportunity is seaweed plastics. Seaweed plastic won traction whilst the London Marathon changed plastic bottles with fit for human consumption water pouches manufactured from seaweed. The seaweed is fit for human consumption, growing a zero-waste opportunity to plastic bottles.

Plastic Alternatives

The tides have shifted to a customer attitude this is hypersensitive to sustainability in all of the goods they use. Taking it further, if we need to have durability with the assets that we rely directly to perform our businesses, it’s vital to locate methods to lessen waste and locate sustainable options.

At Dunamis Machines, we’re constantly keen to assist our clients locate green, sustainable strategies for packaging their merchandise.  Contact Dunamis Machines nowadays to research approximately how we allow you to make your packaging line extra sustainable. 

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