DM - BKSE1 Semi Auto Blowing Machine

Semi pet blowing machine
Machine Capacity Thermal Specifications
Machine Model DM-BKSE1 Pre-Heating System Near Infrared
Machine category Semi Automatic No of Heaters 8 Nos
No of Cavities 1 Heater Capacity 1500 Watts
Production Capacity (Bottles/Hour) 1300 BPH (for 1000 ml) Pneumatic Specifications
Blowing Capacity (min-max) 100ml – 2000ml Blowing Pressure 20Bar
Types of Bottles Blowing Water, Juice, Soda & Oil Working Pressure 6Bar
Types of Preform Alaska & PCO Electrical Specifications
Bottle Outlet Auto Drop Machine Connected Power 4.5KW, 3 Phase
Machine Specification Machine Power Consumption 3.5 KWH (Units)
Max. Neck Diameter 28 – 30mm Accessories Power connected 14 KW, 3 Phase
Max. Diameter of Bottle 102mm Accessories Power consumption 9.5 KWH (units)
Max. Height of the Bottle 340mm Required Accessories
Center Distance for Cavities NIL H.P Compressor Capacity 15HP/25Bar/ 45CFM
Size of the Mould (Width x Thickness) 120mm x 125mm Air Dryer Capacity 40CFM/40Bar
Opening Stroke 900 (Book Type) Water Chiller Capacity 1.5 Ton@100C
Mould bottom Stroke No need Filters Dust, Oil& carbon
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